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MultiplexDX, Biotech Diagnostics Now in Neulogy Ventures Portfolio

Early in May a new investment deal was closed between Slovak VC fund and biotech company that is developing accurate, specific, quantifiable and affordable diagnostic tests, which aim to provide effective and successful treatment of tumors and prevent cancer.

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Czech Tripomatic and Slovak Sygic join forces

New oportunities and possibilities arise from the new platform called Sygic Travel that emerged from joined forces of Czech´s Tripomatic and Slovak´s renown GPS navigation system Sygic. One of many things that they are working on is virtual reality travel. If you would like to apply for the world traveller dreamjob, check out this link.

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Hyperloop startup selects Vibranium for pods because it’s good enough for Captain America

Eight times stronger than aluminum and ten times stronger than steel alternatives – that´s Vibranium. Not the one from Captain America even though the inspiration comes from the famous comic book series. Vibranium is a new material for Hyperloop pods that secures the maximum safety of the passengers. And it´s being developed by Slovak company c2i.

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Your-Sense Crowdfunding campaign

Slovak company ISA launched a crowdfunding campaign for its innovative product called Your-Sense for remote control with no need of internet. You can control your home, pool, boat or camper from your phone from anywhere.

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SaferPass has closed a EUR 1 million Seed Round co-led by LRJ Capital and Neulogy Ventures

SaferPass, a leading developer of online identity, security, and password management products, has closed a EUR 1 million Seed Round co-led by LRJ Capital and Neulogy Ventures and a group of global angel investors. The company will use the funds for continued development of innovative privacy products and features and for global distribution of core products.

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Industrial robotics in Europe – Status quo, ongoing challenges and future prospects

A lecture by the renowned professor Bruno Siciliano from University of Naples Federico II. took place in the premises of Slovak University of Technology. Its goal was to present the status quo of the industrial robotics field, enlighten the core RTD issues to be solved, identify the ongoing challenges, and discuss future prospects for all the stakeholders along the value chain.

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By Design Conference

Bratislava experienced the third volume of the conference for designers, entrepreneurs and creative minds in the Arena Theater with guests such as Tobias Van Schneider, Oliviero Toscani or Michael Wolff. By Design is an international multidisciplinary conference focused on design and design thinking.

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Over €1 Million Waiting for Czech Space Startups

First European Space Agency (ESA) business incubator focused on space technologies in Central and Eastern Europe has been opened in Prague. During the upcoming years 25 space-focused Czech startups can get funding in the total amount of 1,25 mil EUR.

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What’s In A Hacker’s Backpack

Many articles picturing the content of one´s travel bakcpack have been published. But have you ever wondered what hackers carry in their bags every day?

“Unassuming young man in a black sweatshirt with hood over his head is in the corner of the room fixed on the screen, and the most worn keys of his keyboard are braces and semicolon. It’s a hacker and right now is rifling your bank account. This is a common concept layman has about people from this subculture. See the definition from a dictionary: ´a person who circumvents security and breaks into a network, computer, file, etc., usually with malicious intent: a hacker got into my computer remotely and wiped my hard drive!´.” Read the full article

New VC Fund Appears On The Horizon In Czech Republic And Makes Its First Investment

The VC environment in Central Europe welcomes new players on the field – Incomming Ventures.

“The startup ecosystem of Czech Republic is gaining the hype recently. The latest breaking news is that the launch of a new investment vehicle backed by some of the most successful Czech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and this week, according to CzechCrunch, it has made its first investment.” Read the full article

Why European Startups Fail To Scale

Transforming idea into a real product and running a business is one thing. Being able to scale the business on the global level is something else.

“Over the last few years I have helped, as a Growth Hacker, several companies in Europe who wanted to expand to new markets. Especially the US one. No matter if the startup was located in Western, Central, or Eastern Europe somehow most people did not understand that there could be fundamental differences between themselves and consumers inside this new market they were planning to enter.” Read the full article

What’s the point of virtual reality?

The hype around the VR technology is great. But do we have content for it?

“VR needs content if it’s to be more than a flash in the early adopter pan. But it’s pretty clear that in the short term at least it’s not going to have a whole lot of compelling content. And understandably so. It’s a new medium, after all, and figuring out how to create exciting ‘experiences’, as the VR pushers put it, is going to take time. Not least because perfecting the hardware remains a sizable distraction.” Read the full article

How European startups can scale, rather than stumble, in China

China seems as a great market for many globally rising startups. However, they really need to struggle for the success in there.

“Thanks to the Internet, scaling tech companies globally is easier than ever – and it’s more important too, with the rise in local competition and copycats across the world. With its 650 million Internet users and national enthusiasm for technology, no market presents as much opportunity for European companies as China, even discounting the current economic concerns. So, as a Chinese investor working with global tech firms, it’s fascinating to see countless Western companies knocking on the gates here, and the overwhelming majority returning home in defeat.” Read the full article

A Full Guide to 50 Chatbot Use Cases for Brands

Exponea knows its field and this article is the best proof. Longer than you would expect but a must-read if you are interested in chatbots.

“With people choosing instant messaging over calls and SMS, and with the development of chat platforms that resemble an office (e.g. Slack) there is no wonder Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook’s Messenger chat bots a key point at the F8 conference. By doing so, he acknowledged what we had long known: messaging is the number one way people are connecting today. What is more interesting is that people have started using messaging in communicating with brands; many actually prefer a direct, instant message via Facebook messenger to other channels. To support this new trend, Mr. Zuckerberg has made Facebook Messenger an open platform for developers to build new channels allowing brands to start conversations with potential customers – chat bots.” Read the full article

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