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Neulogy Ventures Invests into Sound Industry Pioneer Boldburg

Boldburg, a pioneering sound industry player based in Kosice, Slovakia, has raised investment from Neulogy Ventures. The first customers will get their hands on the product in the fall of 2016.

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Chameleon Run Among The Most Well-Designed Apps

Jan Ilavsky from Slovakia is among the best developers awarded by Apple for the most well-designed apps of 2016.

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First Startup Grind Conference in Europe

The first Startup Grind Conference in Europe took place in mid-June in London with Marian Gazdik as the main organizer.

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The Europas Awards 2016

The Europas Startup Conference and Awards — the new type of tech event devised in partnership with TechCrunch and Mike Butcher — honored the best tech startups in Europe.

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Czech Startup Safetica Enters ESET Technological Alliance

Slovak security software giant, ESET, joined forces with the Czech startup Safetica. Brno startup, founded in 2004, is focused on data leak protection.

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SAPIE´s Annual Report

The Slovak Alliance for the Internet Economy (Slovenská aliancia pre internetovú ekonomiku – SAPIE) has released its annual report for 2015.

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KPMG´s Startup Ecosystem Survey

KPMG in Slovakia with their initiative The Startup Studio have released their 3rd annual Startup Ecosystem Survey.

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How a CEE Startup Got to Work with Hyperloop

Hyperloop in Central Europe has been a hot topic over the last months. After the announcement that c2i will deliver Vibranium for the capsules, here comes another Slovakia-based company that signed an agreement with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

“When the news about Hyperloop exploring the possibility of building a first track in Europe appeared, we were hoping to see local companies ending up working with them. Now we found out that Slovak startup Localization Guru, a modern full-stack translation agency focused on market niches, has signed an agreement with them.” Read the full article

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Startup in Year One

Delivering the product is the number one task in the first year of a startup. However, you should also let the public know about you and build a positive brand image. But how?

“90% of startups fail – many of them in the first year. This means that knowing how to market yourself effectively, and cost-effectively, is critical. Failure here could quickly be your downfall. If you’re not spreading the word, who’s going to buy from you? And if no one’s buying from you, where’s your revenue coming from? Okay, so let’s backtrack a second: revenue and cash flow are paramount to all businesses at all times – I’m not denying that – but they’re especially important in year one. A couple of bad months could break you – particularly if you’re a bootstrapped startup.” Read the full article

5 Startups Changing the Future of Gaming

Does the future of gaming industry lie in the VR and AR technology? Which companies are about to disrupt the field?

“If my five-year-old nephew is already begging his mom for virtual reality glasses, clearly, you don’t have to be immersed in the startup or gaming world to know that the games industry is innovating — and quickly. I remember that only ten years ago, Half-Life 2 was considered to be the peak of technology. As a gamer, you could lift/affect every object in your world, from big to small. Boy, were we some blown away kids.” Read the full article

What European Startups Should Know Before Opening a U.S. Office

Targeting the US market is the dream of probably most Central European startups. How difficult is it and what to pay attention to? You can find some great tips in our interview with Ms. Sharon Freeman, an expert on international trade, or read the article below.

“When deciding to open a U.S. office, there are many things to think about, both good and bad. It’s a big, exciting step and a defining moment in a European startup’s history. As a Voice of Customer SaaS company, Usabilla has clients all over the world, so it was only natural we expand into the U.S. Helping open up our American office has been a great experience for me and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Below is a list of the key things I think European startups should know before deciding to open a U.S. office.” Read the full article

What Venture Capitalists Look For In a Blockchain Startup

Blockchain as the technology of the future is becoming more and more interesting also for the VCs. What is their take on this phenomenon?

“With over $1b invested in bitcoin firms and much more within the general blockchain ecosystem, many entrepreneurs, from experienced to aspiring and anywhere in between are looking at this technology and saying ´How can I use this?´ Just as importantly, they’re asking ´How do I get my blockchain project funded?´. While the fundraising craze for Bitcoin startups of 2014 may have subsided, the hype right now is just as intense in both the enterprise and the venture capitalist world is around blockchain technology.” Read the full article

Startup Grind Europe: Melting Pot for Innovations

If you missed our interview with the organizer of Startup Grind Europe, Marian Gazdik, here is a report from the event written by Ruth Paterson (President of Glasgow AIESEC chapter).

“On June 15th, Startup Grind Europe invited founders, startup enthusiasts & notable speakers into the heart of London. Here’s what happened.” Read the full article

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