“Top Engineers Silicon Valley Placement” now available to Czech & Slovak engineers thanks to Exponea and Radius


July 26, 2016
Top Engineers

Top Slovak and Czech software engineers can now apply for 12-18 month placement in one of Silicon Valley’s best engineering teams. Radius is the world’s most valuable B2B predictive analytics company and offers a placement for Full-stack and Machine Learning SW Engineers.

SW engineers who will pass the strongly selective process will get the opportunity to work with the all-star engineering team at Radius on building the best B2B interaction map in the world. The program will take place in San Francisco or Austin for 12-18 months (J1 visa) with possible extension. For Full-stack Engineers, there will also be the option of remote work.

Exponea has created this opportunity in cooperation with Radius. “We believe that by exposing the top Czech and Slovak talents to the all-star team in Radius, we will help raise the future CTOs of the best companies in the region. Given our technological focus and use of the most advanced technologies, we expect that many of the program participants will re-join Exponea after boosting their technical skill-set at Radius.” said Peter Irikovsky, CEO of Exponea.

Applications and selection

If you find the prospect of building complex server-side web applications using data from millions of companies and billions of data points appealing, you are encouraged to apply for a place in the program.

Prospective SW engineers will need to demonstrate their fit with the objectives of the placement in several rounds of tests and interviews. For details of the application and selection process or to refer a candidate, go to

About Exponea

Exponea is one of the fastest growing global players in advanced analytics and marketing automation. It’s clients include largest e-commerce groups like Rocket Internet or Rockaway, as well as many super fast-growing e-commerce companies like, or Zoot. Among other achievements, it was the first SaaS platform to publicly launch Facebook Messenger Chatbot API integration to improve customer engagement on social media. Exponea is currently experiencing high demand from both customers and the best international investors. After opening offices in Palo Alto and Bratislava, it is planning to open an office in London in Q3 2016.

Exponea is a technology company at heart. Its key competitive advantage is built on its proprietary real-time database “In-Memory-Framework”, which enables several highly advanced real-time analytics use cases thanks to unmatched processing speed. In combination with the capabilities of Spark with Kafka, it offers unique opportunities for data engineers, developers and analysts. Other technologies in the stack include e.g. Hadoop, MongoDB, ElasticSearch or AngularJS 2.0.

About Radius Intelligence

Employing state-of-the-art Big Data technology that tracks insights for more than 18+ million US businesses, Radius helps modern marketers identify ideal business customer segments, launch highly targeted marketing campaigns and measure results in real time. Radius is essentially building the best B2B interaction map in the US and is becoming the predictive analytics tool of choice for CMOs.

Radius’s CEO, Darian Shirazi has been praised as one the most respected CEOs in Silicon Valley, as demonstrated by the line-up of investors he has attracted, including icons like Peter Thiel (FB, Palantir, Oculus VR), Joe Lonsdale (Palantir, Oculus VR, Oscar) and Marc Benioff (the founder of SalesForce).

By pursuing a very selective recruiting strategy, Radius has managed to put together an all-star engineering team led by Adrian Druzgalski and Pablo Stern. Radius is currently one of the most advanced users of Spark globally.

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