Reactive Experts Are Coming to Bratislava


October 20, 2016

The leaders and pioneers of the tech of tomorrow are coming to Bratislava the second year in a row to be part of ReactiveConf, a world-class conference focused on the web and mobile app development, that is happening next week.

From October 26th to October 28th, ReactiveConf is hosting more than 30 speakers and 700 top talents from all around the world.

David Nolen, the lead developer of ClojureScript, Richard Feldman, the popularizer of Elm language, and Michael Glukhovsky, the man behind RethinkDB, are all going to take the stage, along with key people from companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Airbnb. Besides that, ReactiveConf is also organizing workshops, parties, city tours, beer-tasting dinners, and networking meetings every evening.

ReactiveConf received rave reviews and international attention last year, so this time, it’s even bigger and bolder. “Our main idea is to get creative and inspirational people together, to create a unique opportunity to meet those driving the change. And not only from the React environment but also from the technology fields related to it,” says Samuel Hapak, one of the ReactiveConf founders and organizers.

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook and Instagram and released in 2013. Its biggest advantage is that it simplifies writing web user interfaces, which leads to better extensibility and fewer bugs. That enables React to be ported to almost any platform, so it runs on the web, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

The main reason why brands like Facebook, Airbnb, Apple, Mozilla, PayPal, or Twitter use it, is that it lets coders use the legacy code, and port only small portions of the app to it. This way, programmers can experiment without significant risks involved. In fact, the organizers of EuroClojure, the largest Clojure conference in Europe, were inspired by the success of ReactiveConf, so they’ve moved their event to Bratislava this year in partnership with ReactiveConf.

We are proud to announce that President of Slovakia Andrej Kiska has taken ReactiveConf under his patronage this year. The support of startups, education, and the remote economy is the mutual goal of ReactiveConf, Slovakia, and the whole world.

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