News and Reading Tips: Edition #8



0100 Campus is opening its doors

0100 Campus, an international co-working space based in Mlynska dolina in Bratislava, is soon opening its doors for all of you. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a team of engineers working on interesting project, we want you to take part in building a strong community that will shape the future of entrepreneurship and innovation in Slovakia, in Central Europe, globally.

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SlovakSTARTUP Is Looking for an Intern

We, Slovak STARTUP, launched 8 months ago as an online medium with a clear goal – to spread the word about most promising startups and entrepreneurs from Slovakia to all around the world.Having interviewed a number of accomplished and well-established Slovaks based across all the continents and meeting many talented people on various occasions in Slovakia, we have gained a good knowledge of their needs, ambitions and motivations.This is why we have decided to move with our goals a bit further.

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International ReactiveConf 2016 is Over and It Was Great

More than 30 speakers and 700 attendees came to Bratislava for ReactiveConf, the biggest web and mobile app development conference in Europe. Now, the 2016th issue is over and you can have a look at the photos and feel the great atmosphere.

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Last Days of DECENT’s ICO, Accepting both ETC

With DECENT ICO reaching its final stage, the team anticipates greater effort from supporters and companies to contribute, thus giving them building materials to expand. For this sole reason, they want to encourage Ethereum miners and holders to use this last chance to participate in DECENT ICO.

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Startup Announced Its First Guests

The date of the final event taking place on December 2nd is approaching and the first guests have been announced. You can find names from Seedcamp, Gemini Israel Funds, Techstars, and other.

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Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen explains how AI will change the world

Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning are enabling computers to understand the world and respond intelligently to it. Google is already embracing these technologies for Android, but they’re poised to have bigger implications, touching everything from drones to medical diagnosis.At least that’s the view of Marc Andreessen, a prominent venture capitalist at the firm Andreessen Horowitz. Read the full article

How Elon Musk Could Have Avoided the Super Bizzare Q&A Session

As an entrepreneur, when you see a problem that you’ve built an exact solution for, you get so excited that you just want to shout:“Here, here. I can solve your problem. I’ve got the perfect tool.”That moment happened when I saw the Q&A session after Elon Musk’s presentation at the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico unveiling the company’s plans to send one million humans to Mars.The speech was epic! Read the full article

“Notes From the Future” (Zápisky z budúcnosti)

Michal Mesko is the CEO of the biggest online bookstore in Slovakia, Just recently, he had the opporunity to join an intensive, a week long Singularity University course. Here you can read his thoughts and reflections (unfortunately, in Slovak only). Read the full article

6 Tips For Expanding Your Startup Internationally

No matter where your startup is based or how big your local market, there’s a whole world out there with billions of potential clients and users. Expanding your startup internationally may be just the growth strategy you need to take your company to the next level.But expanding internationally comes with enormous challenges – language barriers, cultural differences, global logistics, marketing nuances, remote staffing hurdles, and more. Here are six tips that can lessen some of these global growing pains and help your startup achieve multinational success. Read the full article

Interview with Jakub, the First Successful StarLifter

In the interview, Jakub is talking about the importance of preparation and his new life as a paid intern in a New York City-based enterprise software startup. Read the full article

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