First 100 Slovak STARTUP T-Shirts at STARTUP AWARDS 2016

Slovak STARTUP T-Shirts

As promised several months ago in our summary of the first 6 months, we are expanding our activities beyond the online world. At the biggest Slovak startup event on December 2nd, we will be launching our first set of t-shirts.

The main mission of the Slovak STARTUP initiative is to promote Slovak startups all across the world and bring back home inspirational stories of Slovaks doing great job all over the world. And so we stepped out to fulfill the mission by launching a website full of engaging content.

As a non-profit organization, we have been able to work thanks to the individual and corporate donors as well as small grants. If experience from the startup world taught us something, it’s that even as a non-profit we should be able to cover our costs, and this is why we are starting our first initiative beyond online.

Neat t-shirts to spread the word

To attract people at conferences, in coworking spaces, or anywhere else both online and offline, and to make the first step to generate our own revenue, we decided to design our own t-shirts for people to wear them and spread the word about Slovak startup ecosystem.

We asked a renowned designer Miro Zaťkuliak to give us a helping hand. If you know Torteelas, you have probably already got in touch with his work. If not, here are some of the great examples. Our brief was very simple. We picked three successful startup companies from Slovakia and asked Miro to come up with an idea. He was free to come up with anything, no rules, no restrictions, no limits.

For now, two of the designs have been successfully approved by the founders of the companies, and here they are in all their glory:

Pixel Federation T-Shirt
Pixel Federation T-Shirt
Sygic T-Shirt
Sygic T-Shirt


We want you to feel comfortable wearing them anywhere you go so that people will come and ask what they represent: the Pixel Federation’s biggest TrainStation in the world and Sygic’s navigation for the whole universe. In addition, the t-shirts are made of organic cotton and printed using the silk-screen technique.

Once the first designs will be successful and the feedback from the community will be positive, we’ll definitely use the momentum and design several other t-shirts of successful Slovak companies.

Buy a t-shirt to support the community

We are pleased to be a media partner of the biggest Slovak startup competition, STARTUP AWARDS, which is taking place on December 2nd in Istropolis in Bratislava. And this is where you will have a chance to grab your own t-shirt! All the attendees will get a unique opportunity to buy one of the first 100 t-shirts and become our early adopters.

The price of a t-shirt will be 20 EUR. The revenue will be split to cover the production costs and to support activities of Slovak STARTUP organization to foster the Slovak startup environment. In other words, having bought one of our t-shirts, you will directly support the Slovak startup community!

Reserve your t-shirt today!

In case you want to make sure you’ll have one of the t-shirts, don’t hesitate and approach us at Please, write down the type (Pixel/Sygic), size (XL, L, M, S, XS – all of them in men/women style) and the amount. After a confirmation email, you’ll be able to pick them up at the event.

Together with the launch of another batch of t-shirts in early 2017, we are about to announce another part of our activities. So stay tuned!

Thanks for photos to Matej Pavlansky

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