Work with Real Data and Hack Energy Consumption at EnergyHack Event


At the Startup Awards event in December, Západoslovenská distribučná (electricity distribution company) and international platform Impact Hub Bratislava introduced EnergyHack. Hackathon-type event will take place by the end of January in Impact Hub’s venue.

If you are interested in the field of renewable energy, functional design, analytics and app development, you are more than welcome. The registration for applicants is open.


EnergyHack Goals

EnergyHack comes with two goals to achieve during the two-day event. The primary one is titled as “Analysis and optimization of the electric energy consumption”. It aims to create an innovative mobile app for the end users. For this purpose, all the participants will have a unique sample of data at disposal.

This is quite a unique opportunity to work with a real data set provided by Zapadoslovenká distribučná and collected through its smart meters. From all the solutions, the best one will be rewarded with 2000 EUR. UX design, usage of the data set, functionality and usability of the solution are the criteria that the jury will take into consideration.

In addition, the second challenge is aimed at the search of possible interconnection of the available dataset, open source data and trends in the renewable energy sources. The winning team will also receive 2000 EUR as the prize money.


EnergyHack Meetup

The organizers hope to get the students of IT and design fields and the IT community together. Working on a specific problem with a real dataset might be a great chance for the students to validate their knowledge and skills.

On Monday before the hackathon, January 23rd, organizers, registered participants and potential EnergyHack attendees will meet at the EnergyHack Meetup. Organizers will present the data set, as well as the criteria and the details of the competition. Enthusiasts with ideas but without a team will get an opportunity to pitch their ideas. Thus, they can attract potential team members.

The EnergyHack hackathon will take place on January 27th-28th. EnergyHack and EnergyHack Meetup (January 23rd) will take place in the Impact Hub Bratislava. The prize money for the winning team is 2000 EUR. Registration is open and students, enthusiasts, professionals and company teams can apply here:


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