Former Shopify Intern Is Looking for a New Challenge. Is It You?

Marek Dlugos Internship

One of the goals of Slovak Startup platform is to boost young Slovak potential so it can grow and, thus, help to shape the future of our country. One way to fulfill the mission is to help promising and eager-to-learn students to find opportunities where they can grow.

That’s why we decided to support one young man on his quest to find a specific and challenging internship during the upcoming summer. Marek is a Slovak design student looking for a 4 months long paid internship in a company with more multidisciplinary product teams.

Get to know him and what he can offer through his own words. Please welcome Marek.

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Long story short

I’m a 21 year old Product Designer looking for a paid design internship in the US, perhaps Europe for 4 months.

Digital Product Design is what I’m focused on. It means that I can help you with your product (web app and/or mobile app) with my skills from UX/UI Design, User Research and Testing. I can create interactive prototypes coded in HTML, CSS & JavaScript and help you to do data-driven decisions.

One of the most engaging experience of my life was working in a team of the founder of CreativeMarket in Hawaii on his new startup and being a design intern at Shopify. I have also had the opportunity to work as a part-timer for IceWarp (50M+ end users), organize 2 Dribbble Meetups with over 300 attendees altogether, be #1 on Y Combinator Hacker News twice and travel 22 countries.

Find out more about me and my work at

What I’m looking for

My goal is to develop myself, gain new skills and experience and help the team I will be part of. Based on my knowledge and previous experience, this summer I am looking for a specific internship.

I would like to find a 4 months long paid internship (June — October) in a mid-size company with more multidisciplinary product teams and mature design team. Ideally it should be a US (NYC or California) or Europe based company with exciting and challenging product.

How you can benefit from my internship

Primarily, I am focused on User Experience. I can help you with prototyping and quick testing new ideas, designing a new user interface, and sketching wireframes for your new project.

In addition, my skillset includes creating a trendy visual language for your product, bringing the products to mobile or implementing prepared design with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The tools I use and have a high level of competence with are Sketch App, Adobe Suite, InVision, Keynote, Balsamiq Mockups, and Github, among others.

I will work on new ideas and concepts you have never had time to realize as well as bring new ideas and see the things from a different perspective. All that can result in radically improving the design of your product just in 4 months. On top of that, if both sides see that the cooperation is mutually beneficial, I can join your team as a full-time next year!

Contact me

I’m ready for a 15 mins chat anytime. Hit me up at

The beginning of my adventure. From Slovakia to Venice (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic), San Francisco (US) staying the whole summer in Hawaii!

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