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July 10, 2017
WebSupport - Titans of Tomorrow

The history of WebSupport started in a dorm room as a combination of great people with a very simple and timely idea of providing hosting services. “The key element for success was enthusiasm and chemistry between the founders,” says Jan Cifra, the CEO of the company. WebSupport has been built one step after another and it’s impossible to reproduce its success today.

WebSupport has always had a special connection with their customers, Jan says. They have never really experienced financial issues in terms of investment needed, but there were other constraints such as missing infrastructure and experienced talent pool. They are looking for the right fit and attitude, even on a junior level, and they work on developing their skills. The fit is so important, that a new employee must be agreed upon by at least three people. Based on his experience, Slovakia has very limited amount of experienced sales people.

He admits that it is always good to get some external insight when a company is scaling and what works for some may not work for others. WebSupport wants to maintain the inherent culture that the founders brought to the company.

According to Jan, a scaling company focuses on things that are important for it at that stage and neglects other things and this may cause problems for the company. If there was a program for scale ups he would advise to create better access to government and public of officials who would be willing to listen and deal with the issues that scale ups might come across.

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