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September 28, 2017

Ivana Molnárová started at Profesia as a sales representative. At the time, these representatives would call up companies that advertised in print and tried to convince them to advertise online with Profesia. She says: “ I remember calling one company owner who said he would never advertise online. In one year he changed his mind and he still advertises with us to this day.”

Profesia’s vision is to provide the best possible service for job seekers and the best place for employers to find new talent.

Over 16 years the company changed owners multiple times. They lived through the financial crisis, which changed the landscape of HR from one day to another. The crisis put a halt to hiring and decreased Profesia’s income. It forced the company to look inward, optimize and drive efficiency. It made them ready for growing and scaling after the market bounced back.

Now the company has over 100 employees, it has changed its structure to multiple products and implemented new processes to allow scaling. The process was not simple and it required effective communication with employees.

Ivana says: ”We needed to have a clear vision and communicate it well to move forward even if it hurts in the short-term.” Their company culture is based on honesty and openness. Mistakes are important, even encouraged, because the leaders of the company believe they need to happen to allow learning and growth.

As a CEO, Ivana talks to every employee and her door is always open. The overall mission is for employees to look forward to go to work every morning.

Currently the company has been growing at 29% (2015) and feels a strong need for experienced professionals with an international background to join its ranks to help them build globally scalable products.

Ivana believes in supporting all entrepreneurs and creating a stable and predictable business environment with a strong focus on evidence-based policy making and impact assessment.

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