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October 12, 2017
World Wealth Creation Conference

World Wealth Creation Conference will be held on 28th – 30th of November, 2017, at Singapore Expo.

It is an international investment conference that is organized to reunite world of the most successful investors, entrepreneurs, startups and venture capitalists. Together with World Wealth Creation Conference team, we attempt to improve entrepreneurship activities both in Singapore and around the world and to make a small contribution to global processes and development.

Singapore is set to host the World Wealth Creation Conference 2017, the largest and most anticipated wealth conference of the year. Never has a wealth conference been done on such a grand scale, with over 50 of the world’s greatest investors, entrepreneurs and motivational speakers congregating and sharing the secrets of successful wealth creation.

Come to be part of the live audience and show your support to World Wealth Creation.

For startups

  1. 3 pre-booked meetings with investors that each team can choose themselves among the attending companies. The full list of investors is seen in here! Meetings will take place at World Wealth Creation Conference and will be booked for you by the organizer.
  2. Each startup will get at least 3 minute stage time to present own company & product or service.
  3. Each team will have a stand or a booth for the whole conference (3 days) on a special exhibition area.
  4. Each team can bring up to 4 staff members.

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For investors

  1. An opportunity to get structured information about attending promising startups that will save you 25-30 minutes of your time when meeting with them.
  2. Access to a global wealth conference that attracts both retail and institutional investors from all around the world. Investors attending might be interested in investing in your funds as well.
  3. Access to special cocktail parties that are held separately on top of the luxurious Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

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