Innovation Program For Hardware Consumer Startups Sparks in Bratislava


October 27, 2017
Eight Products Hardware Consumer Innovation Hub

Electronic-star is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Slovakia serving customers in 7 countries with over 21 dedicated e-shops. Dominik Brichta and Peter Both, company’s founders understand how hard it is to start a successful retail company. Eight Products is their answer for helping innovators to introduce their idea for consumer product into their network of own and partner stores across 21 European markets.

Virtual accelerator for hardware products

The program functions as a virtual accelerator guiding entrepreneurs through a maze of bringing a product to market. Electronic-star identified 8 key areas that are crucial for success: product development, sourcing and manufacturing, finance, functional enterprise systems, operations and logistics, branding, marketing and sales, and customer service and support. All these elements need to meet to create a successful manufacturing and sales process.

Dominik and Peter see Eight Products as an opportunity for hardware startups, a chance they would gladly take a few years ago, when they were starting their own company. Eight Products allows innovators to concentrate on developing the best product possible and leaving all the other operations to a well-functioning machine Electronic-star has developed over the years, for example a sophisticated own 55 000m2 logistics centre, customer service system serving 7 countries from Bratislava or a design lab in Berlin.

Eight Products
Success modules by Eight Products Innovation Hub

Eight Products launching in Slovakia

“We have experienced how hard it is to start a retail company when we were delivering products by ourselves from Berlin to fulfill our first orders. We have grown a lot since then and now our sister company and us have a sophisticated design studio in Berlin that is always looking and developing new products, we have manufacturing partners in Europe and Asia and a complex logistics system across the whole continent,“ says Peter Both, CEO of Electronic-star.

Dominik Brichta, co-founder, adds to that: “The goal of Eight Products is to allow entrepreneurs to spread their wings and do what they do best – invent great products. The rest will be take care of within the program.”

Electronic-star has developed over 5500 new innovative products that are highly attractive for a modern consumer winning over 300 awards in consumer tests and design. The project is being launched in Slovakia with a goal to expand to other CEE markets. Each idea is different and has specific needs and expectations, so there is no one single solution that is provided through the program.

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