Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon: Develop A Solution And Win ~18 000€ In Just 1 Day!


May 23, 2018
Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon

Be a part of Blockchain Pioneers 2018, the first of a global series that will continue to cities like Berlin and Shanghai, and spread out across more than 3 continents. Hack, learn, pitch, be the best, and win not only a big prize, but so much more! The winner will get a chance to compete with winners from other cities and possibly get mentorship and collaboration with DECENT as well.

Besides meeting a lot of new innovators and entrepreneurs, you will have the chance to learn from the domain experts who will host the series of workshops throughout the event. DECENT is an immensely fast growing startup with one of the first ICOs ever done. They are looking for solutions that can be built on their custom-made blockchain platform, DCore, along with future collaborations.


You are free to register individually or as a team of 2-5 people. Teams will be nominated based on their project description – continue with registration to provide a description of your idea. If you’d like to attend and don’t have your own idea or team, the organizers will assign you to one.

The event will take place in 0100 Campus, Staré Grunty 18 Bratislava, 2nd floor, from Friday, May 25th to Saturday, May 26th. You can register here.


The solution you or your team come up with will be developed on DCORE. Please find more information here: The technical documentation can be found here, and web SDK here


Enterprise – Projects that have the potential to improve operational efficiency, e.g. process enhancement, automation of manual tasks, reduction of reconciliation tasks, etc.

Transformation – Projects that have the potential to enable business model innovation, or have implications in how businesses, government and society interact, and are associated with institutional change.

All projects will be judged for their viability and impact.


Topic 1 – B2C Token Based Premium Content Distribution

Design a platform to allow media companies the ability to distribute the premium content thru Decent smart contracts.
E.g. a plug-in to their video player that would be behind the scenes. All using the Decent token to encrypt and unlock the content.

Topic 2 – B2B Content Distribution Service for Broadcasting Industry

Design a basic streaming service. Service should authenticate subscriptions and content transactions using DCore and stream HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) file from CDN. In addition to this, the services should be able to redistribute royalties or license fees to respective parties.

Topic 3 – Blockchain Ad Management Platform

Design a digital advertising platform that would manage, deliver, report and settle transactions related to online advertising services. The aim of the platform is to shorten the digital advertising supply chain, enable transparent self-executing contracts, and settle payments in a fast, efficient, low cost manner.

Topic 4 – United Hospitality Reward & Loyalty System

Design a phone based cashless payment system that would engage travelers, hospitality and leisure businesses, merchants and other actors and enable a direct interaction and easy targeting of interest groups. The system should be motivational and rewarding for both business and travelers to ensure its mass adoption.

Topic 5 – Smart Contract Enabled Blockchain Smart TV App for UGC (User Generated Content)

Design an open source Smart TV App based on Decent smart contract blockchain to enable the users to upload UGC (mainly short movies, songs, ebook etc.).Different platforms can be used like Android, Apple TV, Web OS etc.


Friday May 25th:

14:00 – Registration

14:30 – Welcome to 0100 Campus and DECENT’s Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon!

14:40 – Instructions (premises, wifi, schedule, org. team, etc)

14:45 – Presentations of all ideas & Team forming

15:30 – Introduction to DCore

16:00 – Hackathon begins!

18:00 – 1. Workshop, Stream 1 – Michal Vanovčan – Blockchain and Traditional Banks (discussion)

19:00 – 1. Workshop, Stream 2 – Matej Nemček – How to CRYPTO

20:00 – Dinner

21:00 – Hacking continues

00:00 – Midnight snack

Saturday May 26th:

08:00 – Breakfast

10:00 – 2. Workshop, Stream 1 – Vladimir Liulka – ICO is a Good Choice for a Startup…or not?

11:00 – 2. Workshop, Stream 2 – Martin Hauge – How to Pitch Your Project Like a Pro

12:00 – Lunch

17:00 – Final presentations submitted

18:00 – Final presentation to judges (5 min presentation, 3 min Q&A)

19:30 – Winners announced

20:00 – End


Teams will compete for the best project and can win up to 20,000 DCT! They will have a chance to compete with the winners from future DECENT Hackathons from all around the world and to collaborate with DECENT.

0100 Ventures will also award a 0100 Campus prize, which will consist of free use (for a limited time) of 0100 Campus coworking space and mentoring sessions with 0100 Campus network including entrepreneurs, investors and technology professionals.


Michal Géci – Head of Innovations, DECENT
Peter Študent – Head of Software Development Team, DECENT
Martin Králik – Head of Product Management, DECENT
Tomáš Varga – Head of Strategy, DECENT


Richard Roznovjak – Blockchain Developer, DECENT
Patrik Csokas – IT Manager, DECENT
Ronald Filo – Head of Research, DECENT


Teams and individuals coming from outside of Bratislava will be eligible for travel reimbursement. Please apply for reimbursement at the registration. One person is eligible for 150 Eur. In order to be eligible, please bring the travel document or receipt to the event.

In addition, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch will be waiting for you. Plus some snacks and beer! If you’d want something extra, there’s bar facility at hand and access to grocery store and other restaurants.


For updates and more info, please see If you are under 18 years old, please contact the organizers. In case of any questions please contact us at

Are you in? Register on this link.

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