0100 Conference Brings The VC & PE Community Together For The Second Year In A Row


June 18, 2018
0100 Conference Bratislava 2018

0100 Conferences is organizing the second Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) conference this year at the Carlton Hotel in Bratislava. On June 20th, 2018, more than 20 speakers and about 150 attendees will get together to discuss topics such as Buyouts, Women in Private Equity, LP Perspective or Exits in CEE. The event is aimed at the senior executives from the PE and VC field.

You can meet Michal Aron, Partner from ARX Equity, Michaela Krskova, a former investment manager from Neulogy Ventures, Emilia Mamajova, a founding partner at ESPIRA Investments, or Michael Schuster, partner at Speedinvest, or Viktor Fischer, managing partner of Rockaway Blockchain, the first pan-european blockchain fund.

(If you want to find out more about the specific terms such as GP, LP, VC, PE, check out our last year’s post here.)

We spoke to Michaela Tomekova, the Conference Director, to find out more about the topics, guests, changes from the previous year, and much more.

As a media partner of the conference, we provide you with a 15% discount for a ticket. Just head to the Bratislava conference website and use the promo code slovakstartup or contact Michaela directly at

Michaela, what is new with the conference this year when compared to the first one from he last year?

This year, the conference will have only one stream. Last year we had two streams with eight panels discussing simultaneously in both rooms. However, we found that the participants couldn’t decide about which discussions to attend. Therefore, we decided to have just one stream with five panel discussions on a stage. Over 20 speakers and about 150 attendees are coming, and everyone will get a chance to attend and see each and every speaker or panel.

What is the agenda of the conference?

We will start with the welcome note and opening panel followed by coffee breaks, other panels and a keynote speech.  The panels will be dedicated to the topics of Buyouts, Women in Private Equity, LP Perspective or Exits in CEE. The event will enclose with a closing panel and a cocktail evening.

Thanks to sufficient coffee breaks, the attendees will have a lot of time to network and make connections which is one of the most added values we provide both to the attendees as well as speakers and moderators.

At the 2017 0100 Conference Bratislava
At the 2017 0100 Conference Bratislava

Can you name some of the highlights of the conference?

Several insightful and engaging discussions will take place. We will launch with a Venture Capital in Slovakia, an absolutely region-specific topic. The speakers will cover such themes as funds from the region and who invested in Slovakia, how did the last year go, what is the outlook for 2018, which sector is hot and which is not.

Another theme is oriented at exits in CEE. Recently, the fundraising for startups is quite high, so we can see that the doors of private equity are opening and the industry is flourishing. What was the exit strategy? What is the situation in CEE in regards to exits?

The topic of buyouts and complete buyouts will be discussed a lot. We have big players like Enterprise Investors who are very active in the region attending the conference and speaking. They invested in Slovakia and bought the Grocery store CBA – 100 percent of the company.

As I checked through your website, I saw you are also having a dedicated panel on Women in private equity.

Right, there will be a very unique panel where the speakers are only women from Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. They will be discussing the role of women in private equity and the gender perspective of the industry, what value do women bring in and how does it complement the overall industry. It will be an engaging content, especially because the industry is seen more as male dominated.

Ertan Can (HR Ventures, left) and Martin Hauge (Frog Capital) at the 2017 0100 Conference Bratislava
Ertan Can (HR Ventures, left) and Martin Hauge (Frog Capital) at the 2017 0100 Conference Bratislava

Can you name some of the speakers as well as the main keynote speaker?

I wouldn’t want to forget anyone from the speakers as they all are extraordinary names in the field of VC and PE. But to name a few, you can meet Ondrej Vicar (Genesis Capital), Patric Gresko (EIF), Christian Mandl (Neulogy Ventures) among the speakers but also other local investors will attend.

As to the keynote speaker, Viktor Fischer from Rockaway Blockchain is coming. He came from McKinsey&Company where he worked as a Junior Partner focusing on strategy and corporate finance. Prior to McKinsey&Co, he lived in France for eleven years where he co-founded Innovatrics – a technology startup providing fast biometric identification worldwide.

At his keynote, he will focus on his experience and the differences between cryptoinvestments and venture capital investments from the perspective of the first pan-european blockchain fund.

What types of attendees do you expect to come?

In general, investors, general partners, and service providers such as consultants, lawyers, people managing investment transactions will find the conference most useful. People who can advise on private equity, eg CEOs, or people who are considering VC or PE investments will benefit, as well. Startups, investors and stakeholders can get the best of the CEE region in a day by being a part of the conference program.

If you are interested to join the conference, you can buy tickets with our promo code at the conference website here. Just write down the code slovakstartup and you will get a 15% discount or contact Michaela directly at

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