Techbikers are back in CEE! When?

Techbikers CEE 2018

Clear your head from the business hustle, close that Excel sheet, finish your code, turn down your computer, and change the world. Or at least someone’s world. With Techbikers.

Just get on your bike!

Last week was kind of harsh on you.

The one email you messed up just keeps coming to you over and over again. You keep wondering why the hell haven’t you checked whether the attachment was indeed attached.

You arrive at the office, open your laptop, exchange a few emails, check a few Excels. Your mind keeps wandering. Oh God, you’d like to go for a coffee outside. No, not coffee, for a hike. Hm, no, something more active.

Your colleague arrives carrying his bike with him. He’s been teasing you for a month now to join him, but you’ve been too ____ (insert whatever excuse that comes to your mind).

Techbikers CEE 2018, Budapest
Techbikers CEE 2018, Budapest

You mock him for his shorts. He mocks you for your belly. Touché.

“Man, you missed the best weekend bike trip ever, it was great. Now, as I’m getting in shape for the Techbikers event in April…,” he describes the details and all the guys from the office get excited.

It sounds challenging. It seems like a good idea – to start getting in shape for summer and network with like-minded tech professionals. And it definitely sounds good to make an impact by supporting charity.

Sounds exciting?

That’s what Techbikers is about. So grab your bike, and let us share more info with you!

When, where, how?

For three April days from 26th to 28th (2019), you’ll enjoy a 300km ride from Vienna to Budapest via Bratislava to support charity, enlarge your network of tech-contacts but also challenge your current shape.

Rider’s contribution is 220 EUR, which covers a cycling jersey, accommodation, food, bottle, and other cool stuff.

But that’s not all. The primary goal is to raise over 30,000 EUR to fund children’s education in developing countries.

With rides happening all over Europe this year, Techbikers’ global goal for 2019 is to cross the one million EUR mark to help educate children in developing countries and grow the impact to over twenty thousand children.

One girl, one year in a school

Room to Read is transforming children’s lives by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education, where 300 dollars can keep a girl in school for a year.

One can never do enough to get more children educated, therefore the organizers count on you and want you to use all your networking skills and hustle and start to fundraise!

As a rider, you need to raise 300 EUR either from your friends, family, colleagues, or random people, and show your support for this great cause. With your network? A piece of cake.

Techbikers CEE 2018
Techbikers CEE 2018

“It is heart-warming to realize that my 3 days at Techbikers, full of fun, sports and networking with new people can actually change a life of a child on the other side of the world,” says Dominika Osvaldova, SmartHead co-founder, who joined Techbikers for the first time in 2018.

“During my ride, I managed to raise my target 300 euros which means a full 1-year school program for a child in third world country. After Techbikers CEE, I can say that combining sport activity with a good cause is the best way to challenge yourself as well as contribute to our planet and society!”

For even more information on how to register and in case of any questions, check the organizers’ website here.

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