Songoroo, a revolutionary business music product


May 22, 2019

To come to a market with a solution where you stream real-time music to thousands of restaurants and companies at once, dynamically change playlist for each operation separately according to internal system algorithm rules and music preferences of mobile phone users with Songoroo, requires a lot of professionals.

But we did it.

Vote for your favorite song

Picture it: you have your favorite song from Steve Wonder. It’s a mix of genres and styles playing in your head. But how do you get it from your head or smartphone to wherever you want and enjoy it to the fullest? While crossing a shopping mall or having a lunch at your favorite spot?

On the other hand, how do you support employees in your company during their working hours, make them feel relaxed and their environment effective and pleasant?

The CEO Marek Dudáš representing Songoroo all around the world.
The CEO Marek Dudáš representing Songoroo all around the world

That is why we have created Songoroo, an app and music system changes the way music is played in public places. Be it a bank, a gym, a post office or a regular restaurant.

We give the customers and employees the opportunity to listen to songs they love. Customers use the app for Android and IOS to easily vote for their favorite songs in shops, which have already implemented our solution.

Music can increase sales

We are happy that many of our clients are already improving their business environment all over Slovakia. Mcdonalds, Tatra Banka, Domino’s, O2 or Delia groceries.

More productivity, more fun, more clients. We are here to improve shopping experiences and the business itself while promoting new music production and creating a place where all the good things can be promoted.

We are more than excited about what the future will bring. A number of studies available have shown that the playback of appropriate music in service can increase sales by up to 10%. Music is one of the strongest inconspicuous marketing tools these days because you are attacking one of the humans’ senses – hearing.

In Songoroo we say – “Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel feeling. A song makes you feel a thought”.

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