Slovaks will be hacking the corona crisis this weekend. Join in!


April 2, 2020

Slovakia will be joining the global fight against the pandemic Covid-19.

A special virtual event will be held this weekend (April 3rd-5th), where all participants will be looking for solutions to acute medical, financial, cultural, urban challenges, as well as for challenges in excluded communities. Organizers welcome all the people, who are not indifferent to problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

48 hours, 20 countries

The event will be running for 48 hours, and you can enter by visiting

The idea of business and tech savvy people coming together to fight the crisis, was born in Estonia. Here, a startup platform Garage48 summoned more than thousand people from 20 countries, to find solutions to current problems.

“We decided to join the Hack the Crisis initiative, because we see potential in Slovak people and institutions. The crisis we are facing right now goes beyond just healthcare,” said Peter Kolesar, leader of the Slovak Hack the Crisis initiative.

“We live in uncertain times, and that’s why we need new, specific solutions. Hack the Crisis is an opportunity for businesses, cities, countries, and nonprofits. We want to go beyond new business models, or services, and help to create solutions for education, culture, or excluded communities.”

How does it work?

The platform is collecting proposed challenges from people and institutions, and is looking for professionals who have detailed knowledge about specific problems. Then, hackers along with the support from mentors will come up with solutions to proposed challenges in 48 hours.

At the end, all participants will be invited to join the global hackathon.

The best solutions will get a chance to take it to the next level by taking part in a 6-week accelerator. They will get a chance to come up with a prototype, acquire an investor, and reach global impact.

The hackathon will be kicked off by a webinar on Friday, April 3rd at 5 pm CET.

However, more participants can join in even during the hackathon. The results will be presented by individual teams on Sunday at 6 pm CET.

You can register as a participant (problem solver), mentor or as a sponsor, as well as post your challenges at

How to join?

Not only tech savvy and business people are welcome to join.

Anyone who is passionate about problem-solving can take part – developers, managers, designers, med students, social workers, engineers, or accountants. Communication is online, and so is the hackathon.

Problems solving will take place in four areas:

The hackathon will take place on Slack, which can be accessed by all participants.

What has been accomplished around the world?

Share Force One is an Estonian platform, which connects businesses in order to share their workforce. While some businesses have excess workforce, some businesses are short of it.

Another solution coming from Hack the Crisis is an all-in-one platform providing homeschooling for kids. In the present situation, teachers are forced to pick-and-choose between what app is the best for homeschooling, since every app is better for different purposes. The new platform would eliminate tradeoffs and make it easier for all to engage in learning.

So, will you join the team of corona hackers, too? Sign up here.

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