Open API Hackathon: Be Part of Banking (R)Evolution!


September 11, 2020
Open API Hackathon

Innovative payment experience, aggregated and always up-to-date information across multiple bank accounts, automated Know Your Customer (KYC) process or your carbon footprint calculated in seconds. How is this all possible?

The current time challenges us in many areas, and one of them is banking. Every day a new technology appears that we can implement to improve our lives. Banks are constantly striving to meet the needs of clients and bring solutions that will make it easier to operate in the banking world. How?

Open Banking.

Open Banking and APIs are the way to seamlessly integrate banking services into our lives and make them available anytime and anywhere. With the ever-growing standards for user experience, Open Banking brings an opportunity for banks to be present wherever a customer might need them while offering the most custom-tailored products and services.

How to transform banking and create solutions that will make our lives and decisions easier and less stressful?

This is the question we will be looking for answers to at the Open API Hackathon, organized by Raiffeisen Bank International, Elevator Lab, HubHub and Kiuub which will take place on 18th of September 2020 in Bratislava.

Why sign up?

If you have an idea how to create easily accessible, more transparent and highly efficient financial products or services that would simplify banking for people, we want you!

Prices are attractive. The two winning teams will receive a reward of € 5,000 + € 5,000 and the opportunity to collaborate on the implementation of the solution with Raiffeisen Bank International. Developers, designers, marketers, business people and anyone who has something to say or create on this topic can apply. For teams, but also for individuals, 2 challenges with the topic of open banking are prepared:

Future of Payments: design a new and innovative payment experience thanks to the use of Open banking options

Make the world great again!: design a tool based on available APIs that allows companies to track the sustainability of their customers and the transactions they make together

Registration for the Open API hackathon is open until September 11th! So don’t hesitate, hit the registration button, join us at the Open API Hackathon and help us shape the future of banking!

You can find more info here.

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