About Us

We are a group of startup enthusiasts who decided to roll out our sleeves and bring on a Slovak startup media platform with worldwide reach. The ambition is to create and distribute content so attractive and engaging that no startup or technology fan will want to be missed out on. Our main mission is to substantially contribute in putting Slovakia on the global map of startups and innovation along with creating long lasting buzz about our startup ecosystem. In order to fulfil this mission our main goal is to help “sell” Slovak talent, ideas and knowledge to the outer world through various activities and channels.

Slovakstartup.com media platform consists of:

  • News – monthly/weekly/daily monitoring of all important happenings on the scene.
  • Interviews – with Slovaks living abroad who managed to succeed and are recognized achievers in their respective fields as well as international people who can reflect on their experience with Slovak startups or ecosystem in general.
  • Guestblog – in depth analysis, instructions on highly specific topics and experiences of recognized achievers not necessarily living in Slovakia, though their country of origin is Slovakia
  • Timeline – all the crucial milestones of the Slovak startup ecosystem evolution since 80´s up to present day.