Taxify Is Coming To Slovakia


On Tuesday morning, Markus Villig and Matej Beňuška announced a new taxi service in Slovakia. The ride-sharing taxi app Taxify is launching in Bratislava with a future potential to expand to other cities.

Taxify is a traffic-technological company changing the way people use taxi services. Founded in Estonia by 23-years-old Markus Villig, it is now operating in 15 countries from Belarus to Mexico with new countries joining in every month. Mobile app connects passengers with drivers; you only need to enter the pick-up place and the final destination.

“The first feedback is great. In fewer than three weeks, we have managed to collect enough drivers to cover the expected demand in Bratislava. We are, therefore, fully prepared to serve customers who want use a modern and cheaper way of transportation,” says Matej Beňuška, the Expansion Manager at Taxify, who is responsible for the launch in Slovakia. Matej is also one of the first pioneers of ride-sharing in Slovakia.

“We are glad to be launching our service in Slovakia,” adds Markus Villig, the founder of Taxify. “The experience shows that Slovaks are open to sharing economy phenomenon.”

Taxify Founders
Taxify founders Martin (left) and Markus Villig (right).

Taxify is cheaper

Progressive prices are Taxify’s main competitive advantage compared to other services such as Uber or Hopin. “The prices will never be higher than 1.5-fold to the public transportation fees. Besides, we take lower fees for connecting a passenger with a driver, which makes the ride cheaper for the passenger and the driver earns more. One of the big advantages of working for Taxify are flexible working hours whilst the driver can get financial bonuses even for the time spent online,” Matej explains. “We expect the earnings of about 10 euro per hour and more.”

Every driver has to attend a training and is rated by the passengers so even a problematic driver can be identified. The app is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The service is going live in Bratislava on December 2nd, 2016, and, according to, the first customers should get one free ride in December with AHOJBRATISLAVA code. Find out more at Taxify website or Facebook page.

Photos: Taxify

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