Startup Awards 2016 Winners

Startup Awards 2016

The sixth year of Startup Awards is over, the winners are known. 2016 was the first time a full-day event was held, and it was great.

2016 edition of Startup Awards took place at the 1200-seat Istropolis venue, opposed to the Old National Theater from the previous years. The aim was to be bigger, better and global. The organizers sold more than 1100 tickets and invited big technology and business names.

The concept of Startup Awards has been extended to a full-day conference with a final ceremony evening. For each of the four categories, the organizers invited world-class speakers to share their ideas and experience. You could have listened to Yanki Margalit opening the event and Uri Levine as the keynote speaker of the evening.

Startup Awards 2016 Esther Dyson
Esther Dyson


During the day, Petra Langerova (Former Head of Design at Everlane) and Jan Pernecky (Product Architect at Vectary) shared their thoughts on art and design. John Sexton (Former President of New York University) and Esther Dyson (Chairman at EDVenture) managed to engage the audience attracted to the Society category. Former CTO, CEO of AVG, Karel Obluk, spread his vision of security in the age of cloud. Along with Rado Danilak (Founder of Skyera) and Jan Hammer (Partner at Index Ventures), he discussed why and how to get to exit a company.

The evening ceremony

Mr. President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska and Ms. Mary MacPherson from the Slovak-American Foundation opened the evening ceremony. The teams had three minutes to pitch their projects in front of a jury, where Max Kelly, Eran Wagner, Bindi Karia and Blair MacLaren took part.

The best startup in the Society category is STEMI, application aimed at rescuers who can discuss right at the spot the EKG results with a cardiologist and, thus, have better chances to save lives. Agent Balance owned the Digital category with its new metrics of the call centre workers’ satisfaction in order to decrease fluctuations. Maguss is a game immersing a player into the world of fantasy. The team convinced the jury and won the Art&Design category.

Startup Awards 2016 Final Pitches
Final Pitches

The overall winner

The Science category winner and overall winner of the 2016’s Awards is MultiplexDX. It promises to gain more precise results of cancer diagnostics thanks to advanced technologies. Thus, it helps to cure the disease faster and more effectively. The startup won a grant of 35.000 USD by Slovak-American Foundation, prize money of 12.500 EUR and extra services by partners in the fields of internet security, accounting and legal support.

Look for the full photo report from the event on the Facebook page of Startup Awards here.

Startup Awards 2016 Petra Langerová
Petra Langerová


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