Butterfly Effect: Invitation For Everyone To Master the Digital World


October 20, 2017
Butterfly Effect

Have you ever wondered what your next step could be, if the immense digital world is your comfort zone? One of the possible answers to this millionaire question might be – aim at educating yourself and learning from the best.

On September 20th 2017, some of the most buzzing names in Slovak digital business such as HubHub, non-profit organization Leaf, Pixel Federation and Sygic launched an original project bearing an unconventionally metaphorical name “Butterfly Effect“.

In this case, it is not a mere lyrical tool. To spare you from time-consuming googling, “butterfly effect” symbolizes that even a small change at one end can bring about big change at another. The whole purpose of Slovak Butterfly Effect’s soon to start pilot year is to prepare young people and professionals to conquer one of the most competitive arenas known as digital business.

Butterfly Effect Founders (from the left): Branislav Kleskeň (LEAF), Peter Čerešník (HubHub), Michal Štencl (Sygic), Šimon Šicko and Lucia Šicková (Pixel Federation)
Butterfly Effect Founders (from the left): Branislav Kleskeň (LEAF), Peter Čerešník (HubHub), Michal Štencl (Sygic), Šimon Šicko and Lucia Šicková (Pixel Federation)

Launching in January

The pilot program will welcome 40 chosen individuals, who will mark January 2018 as a life-changing step towards their dream career. In order to do so, everyone interested has to apply until 22.10.2017. The program is meant to attract people between 19-35 years old, possessing some level of IT artistry and a mindset of a hard-working and driven person. It plays no role if one is a student, freelancer, graphic designer, programmer, analyst, marketer or a project manager. All enthusiasts are encouraged to give it a fair shot. That never hurts, right?

The program is founded and hosted by top experts in three main fields: graphic design, programming and business, from international companies to successful startups. They will share their valuable know-how and teach students how to develop games and apps everyone would wish to download as soon as they go live.

80% of time is not to be focused on perfect book examples and often unrealistic scenarios. On the contrary, real case studies, workshops, discussions with experts and more memorable events will aim to inspire the future generation. There is so much one will obtain from this program: from a great network, through new community of like-minded people up to advanced craftsmanship in the wire-framed world.

Peter Vesterbacka is inviting you to BE Program

… sem tam prídu momenty ako tie, keď vidíš Petra Vesterbacka – otca Angry Birds – sedieť v najúspešnejšom slovenskom hernom štúdiu pozývať aj teba, aby si sa pridal k Butterfly Effect Programu. 😉 #tosaneodmieta _ _ _ _ _ Do you know this amazing guy? Yop it's Peter Vesterbacka, father of epic Angry Birds. And he's inviting you to BE Program. To BE hardworker and one day to BE A-player. Create your own mobile app or game with our support. 😉 #pixelfederation #sygic #hubhub #leaf #practicaleducation for #digitalbusiness

Posted by Butterfly Effect on 1. september 2017

Apply now and develop your own game or mobile app

The participants, working in teams of 5-8 people, will be divided into two separate labs – Apps and Games lab. In the first one, students will learn to improve their business solutions via mobile platforms and of course will work on their own app. In the latter, students could be developing the next Angry Birds. Notwithstanding to which lab one is applying to, each consists of several modules that will embark each one on a journey from a single idea to market research, analyzing data to pitching their final product prototypes that could generate revenue.

Speaking of finances, the program costs 3000€ and thanks to the program partners, applicants can receive a 50% scholarship or payment postponement. Your success of getting into the Butterfly effect project depends on what you show, your talents, crafting and personal vibe.

If you are playing with the idea of applying to the Butterfly Effect program, the application process consists of three rounds. As usual, the most important is to submit your application to the official website until October 22nd and then send both CV and a portfolio of any previous works. The Butterfly Effect team will send out an assignment. In the best case, the professionals from Sygic and Pixel Federation will like your solution and invite you for an interview. Afterwards, the team will decide about your participation in the program.

For more information, visit the official website at (only Slovak) or write at

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