Want To Work In Digital Sphere? Butterfly Effect Open For New Applicants

Butterfly Effect

Successful global companies PixelFederation, Sygic, Hubhub and the non-profit organization Leaf have decided to help the talented on their journey to career and values.

Butterfly Effect program is launching the second year and there is the possibility to learn how mobile applications or games are created from the scratch to launch. Two labs will be opened – Apps Lab and GamesLab. The topic of VR will also be opened this year. Applications are due May 15, 2018, and you can register here (in Slovak only; english-speaking applicants, write to

Smart cities, VR and super casual games

For the period of 5 months, chosen participants will be a part of 4 – 6 member teams comprising of programmers, designers, and people from business. The participants will be able to choose from topics such as Parking or Public Transport in AppsLab or to focus on the creation of mobile or VR games in GamesLab. It is also possible to apply with your own idea.

Furthermore, due to its intensity and the number of experienced specialists from digital companies or from the game studio of Pixel Federation, the program is absolutely unique. Apart from that, it is supplemented by meetings with many successful entrepreneurs and investors. Additionally, team and personal meetings with coaches will also be held.

,,The crucial value of a society is education. An educated company does not have to be scared of what the future holds. The more time progresses, the less we will work manually, and I do believe that Sygic will help this development in order to contribute to the better future of Slovakia,” says Michal Štencl, the founder of Sygic.

Butterfly Effect Founders (from the left): Branislav Kleskeň (LEAF), Peter Čerešník (HubHub), Michal Štencl (Sygic), Šimon Šicko and Lucia Šicková (Pixel Federation)
Butterfly Effect Founders (from the left): Branislav Kleskeň (LEAF), Peter Čerešník (HubHub), Michal Štencl (Sygic), Šimon Šicko and Lucia Šicková (Pixel Federation)

Talent, fairness and entrepreneurial spirit

The program is available for students or people with skills in three main disciplines: graphic design, programming and business.

Only the best 45 can get in. That is the maximum that gets the chance. Motivation, your values and elaboration of an assignment will determine whether you will be accepted. Talent is simply not enough. What is more, you need to have respect for others and the creators of program also put emphasis on ethics and fairness. Those are, actually, the people they want to see in the leading positions.

Students and specialists

Considering the expectancy of time devotion, the program is suitable for students with an individual study plan, freelancers and those, who work part-time. However, duties related to school or work are considered individually. Nonetheless, organizers warn that it is truly demanding.

Currently, participants from this year are being paired with mentors from a particular area in which they are interested in and in which they would like to work in the future.

Buttefly Effect pilot opening
Buttefly Effect pilot opening

The purpose of mentoring is not concerned with the progress of a product, but with the personal aiming of individuals. Mentors openly share their life journey, successes, fails and offer advice. In practice, this means an opportunity to speak eye-to-eye with Art Directors, founders of successful educational programs and businesses or even with technical engineers and making connections with them.

“Even though I am dealing with the support of start-ups and I have led my own business incubator, I have never experienced anything as intense as this program. In 5 months, you get to experience something that would take you 1 – 2 years on your own, maybe more,” adds Baška Klimek.

The applications are to be submitted until May 15, and we will know who the successful participants are before summer begins. The new year starts in September and it will last until the end of January. The most talented could be even afforded a talent scholarship to cover the tuition fees.

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