What We Learned About the General AI At the NEXT event? (video)

General AI Challenge Meetup
The first episode of the NEXT events took place in March, and it kicked off the series on a high level. NEXT is a series of events dedicated to the emerging technologies with experts from the respective fields coming and sharing the latest knowledge and research in the fields of AI, Data, Security, etc.
The inaugural event took place in mid-March. Dedicated to the Data and AI. Swiss Re with 0100 Campus invited prominent guests to give their talks and update us on what’s new in the field of AI and Data.
Below you can find videos from all three talks. Each video includes a short summary of the key moments. That way you can click over to anything of your interest, questions including.

Intro to GoodAI Applied

Guillermo Alda, GoodAI
Guillermo Alda, GoodAI
Guillermo Alda, the Director of Client Development at GoodAI, shared his views of the AI business potential and the ways it can be implemented. Use cases included.
2:46 Why is AI booming?
5:45 Competitive boost
7:30 How can AI be used
9:20 Business implementation
10:23 End-to-end business
12:48 Use cases
17:42 The state of singularity
18:09 AI safety
21:27 Papers of the research
23:30 The vision of GoodAI in Slovakia?
24:35 GoodAI compared to other AI projects

General AI Challenge Meetup

Olga Afanasjeva, GoodAI
Olga Afanasjeva, GoodAI
The director of General AI Challenge and the operations manager at GoodAI, Olga Afanasjeva, introduced us to the AI competition. For the second part, Sungmin Aum, a senior researcher in GoodAI, steps in to explain the Challenge tasks. Launched in February, it is gaining momentum around the world with teams solving the tasks of the firs round. What is the main goal and what can we expect from the Challenge?
1:54 Why general AI?
2:55 The main goals
4:37 General AI Challenge Intro
7:51 General AI Challenge Timeline
9:50 Why to run a Challenge?
12:04 First round of the Challenge and the first tasks
12:44 Evaluation – qualitative and quantitative
13:54 Tasks examples


Five easy steps to Deep Learning

Ralph Hinsche, NVIDIA
Ralph Hinsche, NVIDIA
If you have an urge to dig into the topic of deep learning and not sure how to start, Ralph Hinsche offers a helping hand. He is the Business Development Manager at NVIDIA. What do you need to know, read and install to start on deep learning? Is NVIDIA turning into AI company? What are some of the AI computational difficulties?
1:33 Deep learning is vital to HPC
4:19 Step 1: CUDA enabled GPU
6:02 Step 2: Reading the guides
7:01 Step 3: Webinar
7:58 Step 4: Framework installation
9:05 Step 5: cuDNN
11:20 cuDNN Performance
12:51 NVIDIA Digits
20:39 DGX-1 Deep Learning System
26:20 Is NVIDIA turning into an AI company?
28:17 Deep Learning Institute & NVIDIA Inception Program
29:20 AI to mobile platforms
35:12 Autonomous cars
36:33 AI Computational Difficulties

Photos: General AI Challenge

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