Hackathon of Andrej Kiska: President’s Challenge Against Extremism

Andrej Kiska Hackathon

President of the Slovak Republic announced a challenge to fight extremism with technology. The deadline to apply with your team is May 15th.

It is not that unusual to encounter various forms of extremism and intolerance both online and offline. It could be mocking other people on social media because of their beliefs, sharing hateful posts against some group of people or witnessing a physical attack on foreigners with different skin color.

That’s why Mr. Andrej Kiska, the President of the Slovak Republic, and NGO Slovensko.Digital decided to run an open challenge to confront these forms of hatred. The way he aims to do it is through technology.

From a team of 3-5 people from private, public or NGO sector, be it an employee, freelancer, business owner or student, and apply for the challenge until May 15th through this link: The best recommendation is to have a developer, a designer/creative person and a marketer/business person on the team.

Andrej Kiska Hackathon

You should come up with an app, a game, website, data visualization, viral video, or anything that reacts to the established problem of racism, hatred, extremism, fascism, and prejudices. The jury will pick up 5 of the best projects on May 18th, and they will work on the solution supported by mentors until the finale when the President will announce the winners. All five solutions should be published in front of media and public on June 12th.

Each and every solution will be evaluated against such criteria as a positive approach to the problem of extremism, target group, quality and originality of the solution. The winners will be part of President’s delegation during one of his business trips and get a chance to better get in touch with the state of the art innovations, research, and startups.

Roman Krpelan from the Office of the President and communication advisor, Jano Suchal, a developer from Slovensko.Digital, Jakub Ptačin, a designer from Studio Echt, Daniel Milo, an expert on extremism from Globsec Policy Institute, Michal Pastier, a creative group director of Zaraguza, and a sociologist Michal Vašečka, are some of the jury and mentor names. You can find the full list here.

If you have an idea, don’t forget to apply until May 15th on

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